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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Crying over spilt...Perfume

What do you do when you have completely forgotten today's "Travelling Etiquette"....by stupidly placing your rather large and very expensive bottle of limited edition perfume into your holdall....
.....which you have now placed on the conveyor belt in security....and you are wondering why it has been put to one side....

" Oh! For F#*$'s sake....there is only a half eaten bar of chocolate and the Daily Mail in there...."  Wait for it:......


YOU CRY....Yup,no holds barred..tears streaming down your face....I did, unashamedly!
....and guess what: it worked!

Well...not in how you would expect it to work....I couldn't take the perfume with me but they offer you a way out with a system called: "Mail and Fly" by Bagport.
They place your offensive item in a plastic bag,seal it and give you the tag with a code number on it.  Once you land and 24hours later,you go on their website, type in your code and follow the instructions for payment to have your item sent to your chosen address. 

Et voila! A few days later is was delivered to my Dad's in the UK and my sister brought it back for me...in her suitcase.

You live and learn my friends....you live and learn.