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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Victoria's boutique and Amal's ....feet?

Last week was a busy week for Victoria Beckham; just as she was swabbing the decks of her new and about to be opened boutique in London's super chic Dover Street and hubby David was checking to make sure the till was in working order...did she have to fly to New York and miss the opening of her London flagship store! Pfffff...what a pain!
And for what?
To give a speech as the new UN goodwill ambassador...I sure hope they were passing out Ferrero Rocher....

The store opened without a glitch,the public was queueing in an orderly fashion and David Beckham was there to represent his wife.

"Did you go to Victoria Beckham's new boutique?" I asked my friend Rula over dinner in Novicov the other night.
"I hate her" was her reply...and we dug into our prawn and coriander dim sum.

"Have you been following George (Clooney) and Amal ( Alamudin)'s wedding?" Rula asked as we tucked into the divine duck salad.
" Bits here and there on the news and in the paper" I replied. (This was the night before the wedding so I didn't find out that her wedding dress wasn't in fact Alexander McQueen but Oscar de la Renta...)
" She is gorgeous but she has the most horrendous taste in shoes!" I exclaimed.
" Shoes!..." gushed Rula." She has the ugliest feet!!...You must Google: Amal Alamudin's feet and see for yourself!"

I was in hysterics.

"I am serious!" replied Rula. " And check Jennifer Garner's too while you are at it!"

Guys...I Googled and I found...and in a nutshell: she was right....( shudder)
Jennifer Garner's feet are cute in comparison to Amal's....(how can I put this lightly)...she must never be seen in sandals .....everrrrrr.
I just hope that George isn't a foot fetishist....well he simply can't be....otherwise he must love her very very much and wear a mask.

"My worst nightmare is to be a shoe salesman" announces Adel (Rula's husband) over steamed rice and spicy fillets of sole.
" Really?" I reply. " Wouldn't a chiropodist tip that scale?"
" You are right!" Adel exclaims.

Guess he didn't like those feet either.

Just saying.

Wellington boots: a new lease on life

Forget the cutesy kittens that lend an air of innocence sheltered beneath this superb "umbrella" of a trench coat.....I am talking rain boots here , wellies if you will...these are seriously on trend...
I want.