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Friday, 27 February 2015

Rosie ASSOULIN: Resort wear has never been this fun...

 Rising star: Rosie Assoulin is heading for greatness...her fan base is growing as well as her appearance in the fashion press worldwide.

Having spent her formative years working and watching the great, late Oscar de la Renta at work...then moving onto Lanvin and Alber Elbaz's tutelage ...Rosie has been following in some rather great footsteps and is now making her own way.

I have chosen these fun pieces of Rosie's vision for her Resort 2015 collection...baring in mind that they will not win you any brownie points with your other halves...

*AVAILABLE FROM : matchesfashion.com:£1,760 *

I think her take on the board short...is pure genius...my partner on the other hand...sees it differently: as man repellent...but what does he know!

I call it fresh and refreshing...a real woman's board short without having to go to a surf shop or buy a man's one ...as I have been known to do back in the day. Obviously we are NOT talking O'Neil or Billabong prices here, ladies!

O'Neil...I sure loved you and my Billabong shorts were divine!...

http://www.rosieassoulin.com/resort-2015/.....check out her Resort wear and more.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Beanie with Attitude: by Bernstock Speirs

"How lovely!"...must be the comment that comes to mind upon seeing this image, after all isn't a "beanie just a beanie"?!
Not when it is designed by Bernstock and Speirs...it isn't !!

They have been designing these fabulous beanies since 2005 and they are still going strong.
Available in several versions (hence different prices...so read the descriptions carefully)
*Deluxe Veil Beanie:  knitted cashmere, yarn from the renowed Johnstones of Elgin and with a lambskin pom pom and integrated veil :£150
*Cashmere Veil Beanie; once again cashmere yarn from Johnstones of Elgin but with a black wool pom pom and veil : £110
*The Basic Veil Beanie: in wool with wool pom pom and veil : £85

This gives a new lease of life to the die hard beanie..the go to hat when it is cold...
Now it has "panache" and "savoir flair"!

Go for it!http://www.bernstockspeirs.com/

Or check out stockists near you ...in case you need to try it on and check out whether you can pull it off without "finger pointing "ridicule from your "uneducated in fashion trends" friends!
...you know who you are!

Friday, 20 February 2015

What Kanye West does Best?....

Here is the final line up of Kanye Wests debut collection for ADIDAS:

Yes I did say ADIDAS and not WOLFORD....

So...your verdict?...I'll give you mine:

Now here is how the Fashion elite have branded it:
..."a joke " and " a disaster"...I would like to add: train wreck.... in slow motion!

The self professed genius has simply not delivered and his only fan aka his muse Kim K ..will be caught dead wearing his combination of tights, underwear and too tight sportsbra...
I do the like the Camouflage bomber/parka...
See! There is light at the end of the dark tunnel that is Kanye's fashion foray.

...and Anna Wintour had to sit next to a braying baby, North who kicked up a tantrum
if she could weather that storm, Kanye's collection was a doddle.

...I like the erm....colour!? And the sheepskin coat looks cosy....

Enough said, he obviously has the "cojones" to sabotage Taylor Swifts/Beck's moment of glory during MTV music awards due to his inflated ego....then surely he has no problem standing by this collection. 

Problem is...will ADIDAS?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bend it Like... Aziz Bekkaoui

Just when you thought that it was safe to come out of Keffiyah hiding...I found you another exciting designer who: Bends it like Bekkaoui....and transforms it entirely into high fashion.

So pray tell, who is this magician?

Aziz Bekkaoui is based in Amsterdam and...also happens to be friends with BySoufyan.

Taking one look at him,I draw on a similarity so blinding ...I am sure you share it with me:
John GALLIANO circa ....days of yore after graduating from Central Saint Martins.

He is every bit as theatrical, embracing different looks that will poke and prod at you ..he has won awards and seems to be blowing the lids off of different fashion staples by doing High Fashion his way and commanding "those" prices!

So for Fall/Winter 2015-16...he has re styled the humble and most worn fashion item: the keffiyeh ( bar the leopard print).. into something ...dare I say it:
Avant Garde!

You can be your own judge of that:

Loathe it or Love it...it is creative....sort of Yohji meets Bekkaoui on the Gaza Strip.

If you are intrigued check out his website:http://www.azizbekkaoui.com/collections

If not....here's to moving along.


Friday, 13 February 2015

The Young and the Relentless: Soufyan Ahaddach, Upcoming Designer with Charitable Visions.

I am on a roll here....
....finding new and upcoming designers...be it in fashion, jewellery or interior design 
....and I am chomping at the bit to share them with you:

Let me introduce to you:


BYSOUFYAN: was established in Amsterdam, in 2013...(why I never find these fabulous designers when I am in situ...is beyond me...)
This 24 year old designer with a big heart and creative vision has come up with these fabulous slogan tshirts and sweaters . His motto being:

"I want to show the world that it is possible to look good and at the same time help others"

His collection BySoufyan ... "where high fashion meets charity" is giving the fashion hungry public what it wants: Slogan/banner T-shirts and sweats which are fashion "de rigueur" and must haves "du jour" (excuse my French!) and are flying off the shelves in boutiques across the world. He has latched on to this fad and is flying the flag for charities while being very fashion forward.
He is giving back to the people in need by "donating a percentage of the profit to countries like: Syria, Palestine, the Philippines and Myan mar."

Obviously he is "Sold Out"...on the above T-shirt...but I shall persevere!

Check his website out here:www.bysoufyan.com

Sunday, 8 February 2015


Well I never!

I am not averse to tattoos, I in fact was the first in our immediate circle to get one....or 3 ...little stars on my shoulder...
I felt like a BAD ASS..and that was about 20+ years ago...
Then in '97 on a trip with friends to Maui, we all piled into a tattoo parlour before hoping on our extremely long flight home.
For the want of knowing what to have and wanting to stay small and within my 3 stars...I asked for a Chinese symbol for : Life....I got : Light....then again it may well be : sandwich for all I know.

The tats have not faired well..I actually forget I have them.
As for feeling BAD ASS...my sister has more tats than I and she now wears the Bad Gal crown.

So....if you like the idea but haven't the cojones to go for it...here is a wonderful alternative :
a Sharpie Tat! 

1) Prep the skin with baby powder
2) Draw your design with a Sharpie
3) Set with a blast of Elnett hairspray once it is dry...

Et Voila!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Humanisation of Victoria Beckham

I haven't been a fan of Victoria's like....ever.
But! I also know when to concede....

I watched the 73 Questions for Vogue with Victoria Beckham and...as you will see....She had me at:


I liked her...she really came across as someone "real", away from the frozen,pouty,posy personae she has adopted to hide behind. I believe that she keeps the "real" for home and family and friends...and then dons her outer exterior in front of the camera.

Call it self preservation, call it arrogance? I call it the Humanisation of Victoria Beckham...and in my old age...I get her and am growing to like her.

Growing being the operative word,so lets not get too excited here.

I also find her collaboration with Nails Inc to be "finger licking good"...(see above photo..)
The 2 colours: Judo (orange/red) and Bamboo ( white-ish) are for her "Victoria Victoria Beckham line.
I like!
What are your thoughts....

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Psychedelic or Simply Schizophrenic.....

Valentino Garavani's New collection is called and I quote:

Psychedelic Plexi 1973......

Now Valentino sold his company in 2012 to "a company controlled by the Qatari royal family ..." for a shed load of money.

Now I understand this shift in the Valentino Look..... one that baffles me immensely.

Of late nothing appeals to me in Valentino...I am a firm believer that if someone wants the true essence of Mr. Valentino they better hunt down his original lines that would now quite possibly be considered  as" Vintage Valentino" and what a regal ring to that.

Getting back to the "Psychedelic"...it is more Schizophrenic.... or even a tad Psychotic or in laymen's terms quite simply...Horrific....

 I don't get it...I don't want it and after having seeing his Multi Coloured Camouflage collection in Harvey Nichols...I felt a migraine coming on.

Oh Fashion...you can blindside me at times....