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Sunday, 8 February 2015


Well I never!

I am not averse to tattoos, I in fact was the first in our immediate circle to get one....or 3 ...little stars on my shoulder...
I felt like a BAD ASS..and that was about 20+ years ago...
Then in '97 on a trip with friends to Maui, we all piled into a tattoo parlour before hoping on our extremely long flight home.
For the want of knowing what to have and wanting to stay small and within my 3 stars...I asked for a Chinese symbol for : Life....I got : Light....then again it may well be : sandwich for all I know.

The tats have not faired well..I actually forget I have them.
As for feeling BAD ASS...my sister has more tats than I and she now wears the Bad Gal crown.

So....if you like the idea but haven't the cojones to go for it...here is a wonderful alternative :
a Sharpie Tat! 

1) Prep the skin with baby powder
2) Draw your design with a Sharpie
3) Set with a blast of Elnett hairspray once it is dry...

Et Voila!