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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Let's give it up for: Sir Loin and Lady Gaga...

So what's the beef? Lady Gaga received her much deserved accolades and came out of the VMA's with 8 awards...good for her,she deserves them. Ok so she was wearing  every one's dinner , look at 62 year old Cher,she thought she could:"..Turn back ti-yammme" and wear that old ensemble again...like anyone could forget that fashion disaster. But meat, seriously? It only seems an appropriate apparel if one  wants to step into the vulture enclosure at the zoo during feeding time. Then again Gaga has more up her sleeves ...I just hate to think what was left on the sleeves of all those who hugged her during the ceremony. I guess it was an olfactory blessing she didn't opt for  fish .
I was invited to go see the Pussycat Dolls at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco a few years back and the best part of that for me was the opening act: Lady Gaga. This was back when she was a little rounder,her soft curves clashing with her then "Thunderbirds meet Mugler"outfits. Her prepubescent audience (comprised of spoilt, undressed 15 year olds ) were in wild rapture as Gaga thrusted her Disco Stick  at them . What shocked me most was the combination of  sexual innuendos and under age kids. What no adults in Monaco had heard of Lady Gaga that they were all indulging their "Chuppa Chups" totting offspring?
I wonder how her vegetarian and vegan "Little monsters"  feel about this outright carnivorous affront? I guess they will forgive her anything, all for the sake of artistic freedom. When you think about the PETA ad campaigns vilifying wearers of  fur...Gaga has bypassed all that and gone straight for the soft under belly or was that the rump?
 Who you gonna call?Your local butcher?
I think I'll be skipping my weekly intake of beef , I have visually ingested enough .
How about you?


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