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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Weekend Trysts

 We too favour the Cadogan Hotel for our weekends in London when we are not staying with dad; location,location,location!
As for rooms,ours : 506 was small but quaint with a rooftop view , a queen size bed with a mattress that may well have dated back to the 1800s. If for entertainment sake we had wanted to follow in Oscar's footsteps our tryst would have more than likely sent us to hospital rather than the nearest police station. Everytime one of us tried to get up off the bed,the other would be left flailing around in the aftermath or rolling from side to side like a wave hitting the shore.Hang on a second...isn't it rather the size of the boat than the motion of the ocean ?
Didn't  even get "..a handbag" out of that sojourn.


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