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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI:my selection for the summer...

...and I have yet to buy a pair !
These I love! And they no longer have my size...tried the "desperate shopper squeeze":when you will try anything just to buy it, including a size too small...And a 38 was out of the question...my foot was bulging out in a rather unsightly fashion.
Not to mention that my BF likened them to orthopedic footwear....like HE understands fashion...pfff.
Moving on:...LOVE LOVE these sexy classic slingbacks...BF wore a grin when he saw these...typical!....If they came with a pole, he would have bought them for me there and then,price regardless and these puppies don't come cheap!
They would look so good with the McQueen dress I bought at Harvey Nichols...hmmm. He who hesitates ultimately loses out. But there are times when spending 400/500€ on shoes...hurts and doesn't make sense...like there is sense in fashion.
Shiny,shiny palest pink and Swarovski crystals: absolute darling meets rock chick fatale. BF poo pooed them obviously..the crystals confused him, if they were M&M's that would be another story....
My man.....gotta love him, but his fashion antenna needs honing big time.
So if you are in Cannes this Easter or this coming summer...direction Giuseppe Zanotti, 9 rue des Etats Unis-06400 CANNES  and ask for Cecile,the manager and also my friend...Say I sent you! xx


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