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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Toby or not Toby....that is the fashion accessory.

To all those out there who haven't heard about this elegant and charming gentleman,let me introduce you to Hatem Alakeel aka Toby...Saudi menswear designer and creater of the culturally correct ,must have cuff du jour: "The Peace Bracelet".
This young man has carved a name for himself in the international world of fashion with his bracelets adorning the wrists of the young and restless,the bold and beautiful...that would be society jetsetters, socialites, the famous and the fashionistas. All the proceeds from the sales go to various children international charities.
His new take on the arabian "thobe" has earned him the majestic title of "King of Thobes"as well as International Man of Peace...who knows with a little luck he may even become the Middle Easts answer to James Bond, the fighter for international and interacial peace: "Not only is PEACE the best option,it is the only solution."
The cuff is made from the Palestinian black and white keffiye fabric,with the bold letters embroidered in red,black and green. The cuff comes studded with Swarovski crystals or without and in either case they make a bold statement and a bold fashion accessory.
Join Toby at :www.urtoby.com for more on this enigmatic designer and humanitarian.
As Lady Gaga proclaims loud and proud :.. he is "Born this way"!

NB:...I was very lucky to be gifted a PEACE bracelet and will include a photo of myself wearing it...as also requested by the Toby clan. First,I need a trip to the hairdresser, a facial...mani, pedi and the help of the likes of Mario Testino to stand up to this crowd!
Otherwise a snap shot will just have to do.


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