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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Marc Jacobs: Gobble Gobble at the Met Gala

Marc Jacobs didn't want  to "be boring and wear a tuxedo" he thought he would be classy and channel his inner Louis XVI in full lace regalia instead. Marc apparently likes to wear the occasional skirt and if the mood befits the moment: a dress. The moment in question is none other than the Met Gala and what would befit such a glamorous occasion? A lacy see through shirt dress from Comme des Garcons,some tidy whitey boxers and pilgrim shoes:
"Marc...Cardinal Richelieu has risen from his grave and is asking for his shoes!"

But there remains one last item that must have escaped your attention...it nearly slipped mine: the demure pouch...that and the socks simply make the outfit and the man wearing it...the most laughable ensemble to be seen on the red carpet.
Give the man a medal, once the lights are off and he is back behind the drawing board,we all line up to buy his designs...
Isn't fashion fun.


Anonymous said...

OMG I am so embarrassed for him that I can hardly look at the picture and yes at first I did miss that lovely clutch...

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