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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Where to eat in San Remo...:Vino, Panino & Co

...Get there before lunchtime and amble around the shop lined streets...once lunchtime comes and those shops close...they aren't opening before 3.30pm!! So beware!!

We got there by 11.00am and were able to window shop. I haven't been in ages and the shopping has improved in leaps and bounds: check out the Max & Co for the ladies and Boggi for men. "Spinnaker" has opened a huge fashion emporium for all things designer,you need no longer search in Graziela. There are so many shoe shops that range from the cheap and cheerful to the ugly and expensive...one man's trash is another man's treasure!

Where to eat...that is always a dilemma when you haven't a clue and find yourself desperately walking around looking for something that doesn't look grotty,touristy or PIZZA!
We happened upon this great wine bar/bistro that is light and airy and super trendy....The food is fabulous and everything including dessert is made on the premises.

Vino, Panino & Co: is as lovely as it sounds and doesn't only serve panini and Pinot Grigio. The menu is quite varied and offers a large selection of pastas,salads as well as paninis...there is more but I just couldn't tell you in detail...it was all in Italian!

Now that you got a good feel of the interior...you must we wondering what we ate:pennette in a fresh tomato and fresh basil sauce with aubergines and freshly grated ricotta.
Good? It was bloody delicious!

 Now what did we drink with that? I highly recommend a glass of the Lacrima di Morro d'Alba(a red wine): amber bloomin' nectar...and you can taste peaches and pepper and it is velvety smooth. Need I go on?

We loved it so much...we bought a bottle!
And for dessert? I let myself get tempted....home made creme brulee (an old favourite).

Vino, Panino & Co:corso Mombello 56/58
18038 San Remo

 Buon Apetito.


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