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Monday, 21 July 2014

The Dad Hatter and James Garner....

When we were kids we would love to watch: " The Rockford Files"on television with my parents ...Now this may be ancient for some, never heard of for others...but for the TV fanatics of my generation ;you will remember this much loved detective series starring the wonderful; James Garner .

Dad loved his wit,his charm that rivalled well,maybe his own ....and enjoyed James Garner as an actor tremendously, so it was a relief to know that:
a) he remembered who he was and
b)....he had a comment about him.....

Go on, read all about it on:
 "The Chronicles of The Dad Hatter...." a click away to your left...

It's Monday...we all need a caffeine and Dad Hatter kickstart to the day! 


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