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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Coffee,Cakes and Creative License

If you happen to be wandering down the streets of Paris and find yourself  in the 10th arrondissement , ask your self  this: 
Am I  jonesing for a coffee ?   
Could  it accompany a piece of cake ?
Why don't I revamp this old coat ?
Let loose your artistic  freedom and get yourself to the Singer station at " Sweat Shop ; 13 Rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris 10eme."
In this cafe you can eat , drink and sew up a storm on the sewing machines available . You can  join workshops , learn how to knit or simply while away a rainy afternoon creating  your new and exclusive wardrobe without a care in the world.
Check out their website for more details and information: http://www.sweatshopparis.com/
...the only one sweating is you and the other like minded punters ...don't let the name scare you!


Anonymous said...

If the french pronounce Sweat Shop like they pronounce sweathirt ... yes, I refer to "le sweet", then I wouldn't worry about finding underage illegal immigrants toiling away at the Sweat Shop!

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