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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

MYKITA:Avant-garde eyewear for the fashion forward.

Let me introduce you to MYKITA sunglasses: conceptualised and created in Berlin by its four founders Moritz Krueger, Philipp and Daniel Haffmans and Harald Gottschling. Their design signature is MYKITA’s patented hinge which has given the brand its unique identity.What makes this hinge so unique is that it removes the need for awkward (and sometimes wayward) screws and soldering.
There is a lot of science behind these playful,innovative and edgy glasses but what matters the most to all the fashion forward folks out there is their look ...and their individuality sets them apart from the masses. I find that they are a refreshing change from the run of the mill and for the glossy,grown up who has out grown his WayFarers. 

They have collaborated with avant garde designers but the collection that drew my attention was the Mykita-Moncler Collaboration this past winter. Even though the sun has come out and the down filled jackets have been sent to storage I had to share them with you:



A homage to the mountain and its conquerors was created in the form of the two models, LINO and ACHILLE, which are suitable both for downhill runs and also as classic sunglasses for everyday use – they are sporty as well as the perfect everyday accessory. The frames are inspired by the look of 1950s Alpine goggles, which featured round lenses in metal rims with leather side pieces for ultimate protection against the light. LINO’s (as you will see below) sweeping top line and slim frame make this model a modern counterpart to the glacier snow glasses of yesteryear.



The swept-back frame edge in both unisex models reflects the look of that era; the original leather sections on the sides and bridge to protect against the glare are today revisited via the flared frames.A critical factor for the design process was the new material MYLON , developed and patented by MYKITA after years of research. The polyamide-based material is being used in eye wear production for the first time and displays the features of the desired attributes: light, extremely durable and individually adjustable to the wearer are the key advantages of this new material.

Now for the "cool" factor:All lenses reveal the MYKITA & Moncler logo when breathed on. An anti-fog finish on the inside of the lenses plus an anti-scratch outer coating make these spectacles a top-calibre sporting companion.The glasses come with a padded sleeping bag style carry pouch for easy transport in addition to a black glasses case and box.

So if you want to chillax on a glacier or sip Mojitos on a beach; MYKITA has fun,functional and fashionable frames for you.  

Visit their website for more details and styles at:http://www.mykita.com/

If you want to be chic and discreet....when Dior, Chanel and RayBan don't cut it for you anymore....MYKITA is for you.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Bee Gees One Night Only full concert video

"You should be dancing" and other favourites. Boy! Did I dance and strut and dream to the dulcet tones of the Brothers Gibb.
RIP Robin ....another victim this week to the BIG C.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oranne: Poster Girl

This is my friend Oranne:lovely by name,lovely by nature....and our poster girl for Fitness Bootcamp by Manu :indoors at the Squash Club, Antibes and outdoors (if it ever stops bloody raining) in the Valmasque.

Never has getting fit looked lovelier.

Thanks Oranne!


Friday, 18 May 2012

Donna Summer - RIP: Thanks for the memories...

Another great artist who will be sadly missed...RIP Donna Summer.
She was my youth: her music made me dream,sing and dance along...I had all her albums and her music accompanied me in various stages of my life.
No more tears....to the lovely songstress.
Enjoy this compilation of hits and cast your mind back to the good old days...music at its best.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey :Much ado about nothing?

I'll do a Will-i-am and start my sentence with:
"So...Like..." I have just finished reading this book and can safely say:
What is all the fuss about? Seriously!
 I live in liberal France where mistresses are a norm, swingers swing ....sex is rampant and topless women lie prostrate across every inch of the beaches.Did this immunise me to the sordid details of this soft porn trilogy? Maybe...or maybe I just found the hype to be sensationalist.

 I didn't bat an eyelid,nor did I blush,flush or break a sweat while reading the sex scenes between Christian Grey the Dominant and his Submissive  Anastasia Steele.How apt that the characters are called Grey & Steele ...him the gazzillionaire,devastatingly handsome but with a dark painful past who needs to dominate women because he "doesn't do relationships. Her: a virgin graduating from college who sees herself as plain while everyone else his stunned by her beauty...No,she does not see it nor her effect on men.... My inner Goddess is screaming CLICHE!!
 Anastasia keeps referring to her "inner Goddess" ad nauseum,I shall take a leaf out of her book and say:"MY inner Goddess was yawning...."throughout most of this book. 
Am I blase about this book? Maybe...and maybe I am simply past the age where this will make me hot or bothered. Entertaining read, E L James is no Jackie Collins....

Disappointed at the hype,but then again hype sells...so have the movie rights.

Monday, 14 May 2012

9/20 for 20/20 (Vin sur Vin) in Nice

I love a good play on words and this seemed like the perfect place to stop and have a nice Saturday lunch outdoors "en terrace" in Nice...and the food looked good.

"Vin sur Vin" or "20/20" is on a little restaurant filled side street behind Nice Etoile mall. We liked the brasserie/wine bar feel to it and sat down.

So let's get down to business: the food by way of the service.... Let's just say that the expressionless waiter was there as a means to get our food to us ,that is all...he was the intermediary..nothing else. The bottle of water was plonked down unceremoniously,the glasses of wine (that were luckily or unluckily) not filled to the brim followed suite. Okayyyyyy.....

I ordered the Artichoke salad after seeing 2 people being served it, my BF foolishly ordered the plat du jour "Mixed Grill: veal (which he hates!) lamb (which he can just about eat) and something resembling chicken...but was too small to make a dent on the plate. Then there was a poor rendition of ratatouille and potatoes ...barely cooked. Did I mention the sauce? My poor BF (a hearty eater)was given a small plate of food that resembled nothing you'd want to eat ...no photo necessary.

My artichoke and parma ham salad with sun dried tomatoes...was a sight for sore eyes! Divine presentation and absolutely delicious!

This one dish was in "Pay it forward" mode...no sooner was it placed before me when the woman next to me reacted the way I did : " What is that?...I'll have it!"
Delicious,flavoursome and a hit. My BF, glum faced, starred at me:
"What's the matter?" I ask sweetly.
"I am watching you devouring your food..."he replies poker faced.
"I am eating my food not devouring it...you're only jealous cos yours was crap!"

When the expressionless waiter came to present us with his poker face and dessert menus we declined...his eyebrows twitched..."What about coffee then?"
Frown,eyebrow wiggle..."Just the bill please."
Needless to say we never saw him again,we had to ask 1 more time for the bill from a smiling and more cordial waitress.

No tip except : 20/20 is more a 9/20...the service let it down and their idea of a Mixed grill that was far from grilled! and far from appetising.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Cameo Role

I confess to a love of pearls at the moment, I may be subconsciously pinning for the magnificent pearl necklace that was once my mother's: gorgeous real, baroque style pearls.
Since then and only recently have I made it my quest to find pearls that I love and so far so good! Real,cultured,baroque or Chanel....I am in pearl heaven.
I also went on a quest to purchase the perfect cameo. I was outbid the first time I spied a gorgeous 9ct gold and turquoise Edwardian cameo on Ebay. Not wanting to be had a 2nd time I hung tight and bought my delight.
The cameo pendant/brooch was taken to my jeweller and transformed into the ring of my current dreams...here it is next to my gorgeous Xmas present from my sister and her husband: a pearl sautoir from Tateossian

The background image is courtesy of Grazia magazine who did a spread on Victorian cameo rings:14ct-gold owl cameo ring:£2,110 byAmadeo at Matches, just seen:18ct-gold Floralia cameo ring plated with white diamonds:£5,808 by N.oor.Reversible antique Victorian gold cameo ring, seen at top:£6,950 Bentley and Skinner.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

RIP Vidal Sassoon

The world of hairdressing will mourn the passing of the legend that was and will always be :
Vidal Sassoon.
This was a man who made hair cutting edge:bold and fresh he revolutionised hairdressing and made it glamorous.
He passed away at the age of 84 after a long battle with Leukaemia.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Marc Jacobs: Gobble Gobble at the Met Gala

Marc Jacobs didn't want  to "be boring and wear a tuxedo" he thought he would be classy and channel his inner Louis XVI in full lace regalia instead. Marc apparently likes to wear the occasional skirt and if the mood befits the moment: a dress. The moment in question is none other than the Met Gala and what would befit such a glamorous occasion? A lacy see through shirt dress from Comme des Garcons,some tidy whitey boxers and pilgrim shoes:
"Marc...Cardinal Richelieu has risen from his grave and is asking for his shoes!"

But there remains one last item that must have escaped your attention...it nearly slipped mine: the demure pouch...that and the socks simply make the outfit and the man wearing it...the most laughable ensemble to be seen on the red carpet.
Give the man a medal, once the lights are off and he is back behind the drawing board,we all line up to buy his designs...
Isn't fashion fun.

Where to eat in San Remo...:Vino, Panino & Co

...Get there before lunchtime and amble around the shop lined streets...once lunchtime comes and those shops close...they aren't opening before 3.30pm!! So beware!!

We got there by 11.00am and were able to window shop. I haven't been in ages and the shopping has improved in leaps and bounds: check out the Max & Co for the ladies and Boggi for men. "Spinnaker" has opened a huge fashion emporium for all things designer,you need no longer search in Graziela. There are so many shoe shops that range from the cheap and cheerful to the ugly and expensive...one man's trash is another man's treasure!

Where to eat...that is always a dilemma when you haven't a clue and find yourself desperately walking around looking for something that doesn't look grotty,touristy or PIZZA!
We happened upon this great wine bar/bistro that is light and airy and super trendy....The food is fabulous and everything including dessert is made on the premises.

Vino, Panino & Co: is as lovely as it sounds and doesn't only serve panini and Pinot Grigio. The menu is quite varied and offers a large selection of pastas,salads as well as paninis...there is more but I just couldn't tell you in detail...it was all in Italian!

Now that you got a good feel of the interior...you must we wondering what we ate:pennette in a fresh tomato and fresh basil sauce with aubergines and freshly grated ricotta.
Good? It was bloody delicious!

 Now what did we drink with that? I highly recommend a glass of the Lacrima di Morro d'Alba(a red wine): amber bloomin' nectar...and you can taste peaches and pepper and it is velvety smooth. Need I go on?

We loved it so much...we bought a bottle!
And for dessert? I let myself get tempted....home made creme brulee (an old favourite).

Vino, Panino & Co:corso Mombello 56/58
18038 San Remo

 Buon Apetito.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Emeli Sande - My Kind of Love

Just heard Emeli Sande sing this live on The Voice UK..gorgeous voice,heartfelt words:

My Kind Of Love lyrics: ...

I can't buy your love, don't even wanna try.
Sometimes the truth won't make you happy, so I'm not gonna lie.
But don't ever question if my heart beats only for you, it beats only for you.

I know i'm far from perfect, nothin' like your entourage
I can't grant you any wishes, I won't promise you the stars.
But don't ever question if my heart beats only for you, it beats only for you.

Cause when you've given up.
When no matter what you do it's never good enough.
When you never thought that it could ever get this tough,
Thats when you feel my kind of love.

And when you're crying out.
When you fall and then can't pick, you're heavy on the ground
When the friends you thought you had haven't stuck around.
That's when you feel my kind of love.

You won't see me at the parties, I guess I'm just no fun.
I won't be turning up the radio singing "Baby You're The One".
But don't ever question if my heart beats only for you, it beats only for you.

I know sometimes I get angry, and I say what i don't mean.
I know I keep my heart protected, far away from my sleeve.
But don't ever question if my heart beats only for you, it beats only for you.

Cause when you've given up.
When no matter what you do it's never good enough.
When you never thought that it could ever get this tough,
Thats when you feel my kind of love.

And when you're crying out.
When you fall and then can't pick, you're heavy on the ground
When the friends you thought you had haven't stuck around.
That's when you feel my kind of love.

Cause when you've given up.
When no matter what you do it's never good enough.
When you never thought that it could ever get this tough,
Thats when you feel my kind of love.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

I'm in the "Mood Board"

Yes! Recession be damned...me want lots of things...me maybe get a few!

"Chanel":the timeless classic vintage jacket is only something you can either inherit (I did!)or hunt down with manic precision on either Ebay (and that can be iffy...Believe me,I Know!)or at auction through Kerry Taylor(the godmother of style and auctionneer of the Audrey Hepburn estate).

"Yves Saint Laurent":oh! Yves...superb shoes that make sex on legs more than a cliche.

"Lacoste": the laid back cool of a white trouser with tuxedo appeal....Big boutique on Knighstbridge.
"TopShop": fun and young...mix it up!..on the web and on Oxford Street and Knightsbridge.
"Esprit": nostalgia...I have been there and worn that back in the 90s...my Et Vous pinstripe suit and white Converse...what goes around,sure does come around and on the likes of Gisele Bunchen of all people.
"SuperDry":opening a HUGE emporium on Regent Street..5 floors of fun and these fabulous glasses..
Shoes! Shoes! and Shoes...."Aldo" : have a great selection for this summer,so many styles to choose from. "Carvela": sexy! 
"Russell and Bromley".... And the new collection by Jefferson Hack for "Tods":buttery soft and toffee coloured.

"Asos": the Africa collection, with the exotic and magnificent prints...sold out most probably but try anyhow on :www.asos.com
"Sonia Rykiel":classy and streamlines;pants and top...
"Paul Smith": the king of British tailoring,sexy man-cut jacket that longs to be worn with jeans or chinos and beaten up trainers...

"These are a few of my favourite things!"